Energy Healing Studies

Is energy healing real and better than a placebo? Is there any scientific proof? Let’s find out.

What is Energy Healing?

Throughout history Energy Healing has been called many different names. Traditionally it’s been called reiki which is commonly associated with the chakras or energy centers. A new popular name in the 2000s is biofield tuning. Other names for energy healing are spiritual healing, vibrational healing, touch therapy, Qigong and anything else that has to do with energy and healing. We call it Energy Healing because it all focuses on energy and how we heal.

Is Energy Healing Scientifically Proven?

1. David McManus in 2017 explains “patients with chronic health conditions, Reiki has been found to be more effective than placebo for reducing pain, anxiety, and depression, and for improving self-esteem and quality of life.”

2. Natalie Dyer, Ann Baldwin, and William Rand in 2019 studied 1411 energy healing sessions and found “a single session of Reiki improves multiple variables related to physical and psychological health.”

Why is Energy Healing Powerful?

1. “Energy imbalance precedes the symptoms of each disease and if the energy is balanced through energy healing with hands or acupuncture, the symptoms of the disease would never appear, and the disease would be prevented.”

Can Energy Healing Treat Pain & Chronic Pain?

1. Barbara Notte, Carol Fazzini, and Ruth Mooney found “All Reiki therapy sessions resulted in statistically significant reductions in pain…” And MORE importantly, the study found “no statistically significant differences were found in pain medication use.”

2. This study found that long term, energy healing works. “During 6-month follow-up, 86% of patients in the treatment group remained pain free and had no functional limitations.”

3. This study looked at patients with chronic hand and wrist pain and after a 30 minute treatment from energy healing, participants self reported that their “current pain scores decreased 2.0 points post-session and 1.3 points at three weeks.”

4. This study found that complimentary energy healing has a “positive impact on the positive management of pain related parameters in cancer patients.”

Can Energy Healing Treat Anxiety & Sleep?

1. “Well-being, negative emotion, and sleep quality scores significantly improved at the follow-up visit. Multiple heart rate variability measures significantly changed reflecting increased parasympathetic activity which may indicate decreased stress” after one session of energy healing.

2. This review of studies found that energy healing “consistently demonstrates a greater therapeutic effect over placebo for some symptoms of mental health.” And that the “evidence is high for clinically relevant levels of stress and depression, moderate to high for clinically relevant levels of anxiety, low to moderate for normal levels of stress, and low to moderate for burnout, and low for normal levels of depression and anxiety.”

Is Distant and/or Virtual Energy Healing Effective?

1. During COVID in Lima, Peru, healers could not meet with their patients in person. This study found that “Reiki is a validated alternative therapy to reduce anxiety and stress in a cost-effective way and without any need of face-to-face contact.”

Can Energy Healing Help Cancer?

1. This study found “Given the immune system plays a significant role in tumor growth and immune therapy has significantly prolonged the survival of patients with various cancers including lung cancer.”

Can Energy Healing Help You?

Can energy healing treat many different symptoms from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual? Absolutely. There has been over 90 billion dollars for cancer research in the last 40 years and very little funding for energy healing research. Imagine if there was just 1 billion dollars of the research for energy healing what the results would be like.

As noted above, “Energy imbalance precedes the symptoms of each disease,” why not make sure you’re ready for life in the future and get your energy check up? Or if you’ve been experiencing chronic symptoms, now is the time to give energy healing a try.