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Root Chakra Healing: Expert & Beginner Guide

Key Takeaways:   Recommended to heal root chakra before any chakra because when the root is out of balance the other chakras will be difficult to heal Your root chakra is unbalanced by the way you process fear and associate meaning to your survival Balancing the root chakra can be

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Key Takeaways: Each chakra is an important lesson for spiritual growth. If you do not learn the lesson, there’s a good chance the chakra will be imbalanced in the future. What are chakras? Chakras are as real as gravity. You can’t see it but you know and respect gravity. Chakras

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Add Your Heading Text Here We know Generalized Anxiety Disorder affected 6.8 million adults or 3.1% of the US population in 2022, there is a growing need to balance the root chakra. Pills are great for acute, short-term needs. When you’ve been taking pills that help but don’t fully heal

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Reiki for Sleep: Can Reiki Help Sleep? 11 Things To Do Today

For centuries, many cultures have used reiki for sleep and other conditions. This healing may be worth exploring because it’s proven to provide deep relaxation, reduce stress levels, improve mental clarity, and boost the immune system. Read on to learn more about how Reiki works and its potential benefits when

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