Key Takeaways:

  • Each chakra is an important lesson for spiritual growth. If you do not learn the lesson, there’s a good chance the chakra will be imbalanced in the future.

What are chakras?

Chakras are as real as gravity. You can’t see it but you know and respect gravity. Chakras are spinning energy centers in your body. Einstein proved that all matter is condensed energy. In the Vedas dating back to 1500 BC, chakra was actually called cakra and cakra translated in Sanskrit means “wheel.” Each chakra is a spinning energy center and is the root of our emotional and physical health.

Each energy center is an important lesson in life. If you do not learn the lesson, there is a good chance the chakra or energy center will get unbalanced in the future. This unbalance creates suffering. Suffering is actually a good thing because it makes you learn faster. You’re probably reading this because you’re suffering somehow. If you don’t want to suffer, make sure you’re focused on learning spiritual growth instead of material growth. You’ve come to the right place to learn about spiritual growth.

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