Sacral Chakra Healing: Expert and Beginner Guide

Key Takeaways:

  • The root chakra must be healed first before the other chakras. If the root chakra is out of balance the other chakras will be difficult to heal.
  • Opening the root chakra can be a difficult experience by yourself because you’re creating new awareness of yourself and the world.

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The root chakra is one of the most imbalanced chakras in the world. Without a balanced root chakra no matter what you do you’ll always come back to feeling disconnected and off balance.

Do your emotions seem scattered, leaving you numb to the highs and lows of life? If this resonates with you, then it’s entirely possible that you need to work on your root chakra. This comprehensive guide will explain the root chakra imbalances, how to balance it, and why you need to prioritize root chakra healing over every chakra first.

This guide is focused on root chakra healing. If you’d like to learn about the root chakra please start here.

Why root chakra healing must be first

Imagine the spout’s water as universal energy and each bowl as a chakra. As soon as a bowl is filled with water, the water then can go to the next chakra.

To balance the other chakras long term, the root chakra must be balanced first because higher energy is designed to be accessed when you’ve completed the lower energy. Just like going to first grade before you go to second grade. If you skip first grade, you’re not ready for second grade.

You may have an imbalanace in a higher chakra than the root and focus on the higher chakras first, but this will not heal long-term. That’s because there’s another chakra below that’s out of balance. The lower chakra imbalance will make the chakras above it hard to access to heal.

What does science show about root chakra healing?

In 118 patients undergoing chemotherapy, the 22 patients who received four Reiki sessions had significant reductions in anxiety and pain. As well, results of a mixed methods study of pre-/post-surveys evaluating first-time Reiki sessions in 213 patients with cancer indicated that self-reported distress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue each decreased by more than 50%.

Imbalanced root chakra signs and symptoms

You must be vulnerable and open minded to see the imbalances in yourself. It is much easier to see imbalances in others but in order for healing to take place, you must see it in yourself.

Each chakra is imbalanced through either being deficient or excessive. A deficient chakra has low energy whereas an excessive charge has too much energy. The energy must be balanced for your chakra to function optimally and correctly.

Deficient Root Chakra Symptoms

A person with a deficient root chakra does not recognize the body’s importance. The body is the home of your spirit. Grooming and hygiene may be poor and dressing can be sloppy. They’ll find a hard time sticking to one thing at a time. They can expect to be at the result of the journey before the journey has taken place or right when the journey starts.

  1. Disconnection from body, sees body as an object
  2. Notably underweight, skinny
  3. Fearful, anxious, restless, can’t settle or unease
  4. Poor focus and discipline
  5. Financial difficulties
  6. Poor Boundaries
  7. Continually disorganized
  8. Rather be carless than worried
  9. Withdrawn, disinterested to life’s experiences
  10. Suspicious of the world
  11. Frequently become ill
  12. Difficulty sleeping
  13. Constipation
  14. Issues in body including lower back, legs, knees, feet

Excessive Root Chakra Symptoms

A person with an excessive root chakra is generally focused on the material world. They like routine, security, and materials. They are commonly driven toward financial achievement. This person may appear cynical about spiritual subjects, preferring the concrete, what they can see and touch. Their appearance may be meticulous, well-dressed, and well-groomed. Movements, when they seldom occur, may be repetitive or compulsive. Boundaries with themself and others are rigid, they won’t admit it but they have a hard time adapting and changing with life.

  1. Obesity, overeating
  2. Hoarding, material fixation, greed
  3. Sluggish, lazy, tired
  4. Fear of change, addicted to security and safety
  5. Rigid boundaries with themself and others
  6. Focused on material world, commonly has a hard time believing in a higher power
  7. Insesitive to yourself and others emotions or situations
  8. Egotistical
  9. Sexual energy is strictly for physical stimulation
  10. Frequently become ill
  11. Difficulty sleeping
  12. Constipation
  13. Issues in body including lower back, legs, knees, feet

How does the root chakra get imbalanced?

1. The way you were brought up that has anything to do with survival and trust in the world and yourself. Right now you can make the decision to break the cycle in your family if you’d like. 

  • Birth Trauma
  • Abandonment, physical neglect
  • Poor physical bond with mother
  • Inherited survival traumas from family
  • Malnourishment, feeding difficulties

2. The meaning you associated to your life’s experiences that relates to fear and survival. The meaning you associate to these experiences causes you to learn correctly or incorrectly about fear and survival.

  • Major illness or surgery
  • Fear of change
  • Selfishness to yourself and others
  • Impatience
  • Seeing your body as a tool not a comfortable home

What does a balanced root chakra look like?

Accepting the first charka is to accept that you are not unlimited or immortal but actually you have limitations. Limitations create control in a world full of chaos so you can create what you truly desire. Not accepting limitations to life does not allow you to manifest and create. Too much freedom leads to too much chaos.

When you truly know you are meant to be here, you trust yourself and your place in the world. Trusting in yourself and the world allows your survival instincts to relax and you’ll feel feel:

  1. Health, vitality
  2. Grounded to the world
  3. Comfortable in your body
  4. Positive sense of trust in the world
  5. Feel safe and secure
  6. Ability to relax and be still
  7. Stability
  8. Prosperity
  9. Alive with a purpose, excited to wake up

Life Lesson To Learn To Stay Balanced:

I am safe and have the right to be living life to the fullest in the world.

Why healers balance your root chakra faster than you

Healers will do the hard things that need to get done in order to heal quickly and in the right way. Whereas someone healing themselves will most likely do the easy things to heal that don’t get results.

Healers will also be able to pinpoint if your chakra is deficient or excessive, which determines the correct healing path for you. WeHealNaturally recommends going on a self healing journey first to develop as much awareness of your root chakra as you can. 

Then if you don’t feel or know if your root chakra is fully balanced/healed. It’s time to do a free check in with one of our healers to confirm whether you’re balanced and healed. Or you may need a little bit of help from a healer to balance and heal.

What happens when the root chakra is balanced

Congratulations you are focused and desire change that will bring you joy and happiness to all areas of your life.

When root chakra healing opens you’ll feel in no particular order:

  • Increased energy
  • Grounded
  • Connected to the world and others
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Tingling or heat in your feet, legs, and sometimes your palms
  • You listen to and are connected with your body
  • Easier to fall asleep and get a complete restful sleep
  • A sense of security within yourself

Self Healing Journey: 14 Days Of Guidance To Heal Your Root Chakra

The right way to go on a self-guided healing journey that gets results.

Did Simba heal his root chakra?

What was going on with Simba? Did he have a deficient or excessive root chakra?

If you answered excessive, you are correct!

Simba made these decisions to survive. The saying “Hakuna Matata” taught Simba to be careless and insensitive about a very important situation, his own family! He chose to be lazy and over ate food. Because of his fear of change and facing the past, Simba selfishly withdrew to the jungle instead of his actual place in the pride kingdom. Simba’s survival made him suspicious of his place in his family instead of knowing that he is the true king.

How did Simba heal? What did he learn when his father said “remember who you are”?

  • Looked inward in himself instead of outward to the material world
  • Walked in nature
  • Went to a healer
  • Simba learned that he does deserve to be in the world by learning he is the true king when his father said “remember who you are.” 

Simba created a new awareness of his right to live in the world. As soon as he remembered who he truly was he healed. The healing made him he feel safe and secure to live life to the fullest. He didn’t fear anymore. Instead of staying stuck in life, he ran to face his past and where he was suppose to be!

Did Elsa heal her root chakra?

What was going on with Elsa? Did she have a deficient or excessive root chakra?

If you answered deficient, you are correct!

Elsa believed she must hide her powers to survive and was fearful of who she was. She was stuck in an isolated kingdom withdrawn from what she truly felt inside. Elsa didn’t have her rightful place in the world. The fear was holding her back from being who she truly is. 

What did Elsa do to heal?

  • Looked inward to herself instead of listening to others
  • Walked alone in nature
  • Let go of the past that didn’t serve her, associated different meaning to the past
  • She decided to be Elsa, “Here I stand and here I’ll stay”

Elsa let go of expectations of the past and believed she was meant to be in the world. She let go of the fear of being herself and realized she shouldn’t be worried about her survival. All of a sudden she had the energy to create magic and took her rightful place in the world.

21 root chakra healing practices for experts and beginners

An excessive chakra benefits most from relaxing or discharging exercises, while a deficient chakra will benefit from stimulating or charging exercises.

  1. Find out if your chakra is exessive or deficient

Not sure where to start? Or you’ve started and you’re stuck – this is when a certified healer can change your life.


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