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Why matching with the right healer is very important for you:

Yes the Healer’s credibility and credentials are important. But if all healers credibility were even, what would be the most important things to look for in a healer?

  1. How will you communicate with your healer. Is it via text, phone, email or a combination of both?
  2. Do you feel comfortable and can be vulnerable with your healer? 
  3. Is the healer listening and paraphrasing back to you?
  4. Goals you and your healer agree to accomplish and has the healer accomplished these goals before?

WHN’s Vetting Process to Find Reiki Healing Denver Co:

1. Initial Interview to make sure the reiki healer is compassionate, professional, and communicative

2. WeHealNaturally reiki healers will diagnose and explain your situation without any prior background information from you, they just simply need to “tune” into your energy

3. WeHealNaturally reiki healers are open to taking appointments in 14 days or less

Find The Best Healer For You