WeHealNaturally's Energy Healer Verification Process

Why Should I Verify Energy Healers?

It is 100% essential to verify energy healers because, unfortunately in the energy healing field, there are people that are either not properly trained or are untruthful to get your business. 

Online reviews are not a proper verification because you don’t know if the reviews are fake, coming from someone with the wrong expectations, or the healer is asking for a 5 star review when the person really wants to give 2 or 3 stars. 

Referrals from friends or family can also be a bad source of verification because they may not have the right energy experience and can be too judgemental or too forgiving. 

Another way to get introduced to energy healing is through a psychic. While again the psychic can have great intentions, it is not guranteed they are healing or are finding the root issues to heal.

What Happens If Your Energy Healer Is Not Verified

Most people’s first impression of energy healing is not with a verified energy healer. This first impression is so important because a bad experience can make someone give up on energy healing as a whole. Which is really unfortunate because it’s proven to heal.

There is a good chance healing will not occur with an unverified healer. It makes sense you’re frustrated because your signs and symptoms haven’t changed and you want to feel healthy again. On top of that, you give a lot of trust to your healer because it’s recommended you’re vulnerable and open to heal. 

Please read below to see how WeHealNaturally ensure’s your trust and vulnerability is in the right hands.

WeHealNaturally's Energy Healer Verification Process

1. All Healers are equally verified that their training and certifications are in good standing and are indeed truthful regardless of prior experience

2. All healers at WeHealNaturally must be able to:

    1. Diagnose the root issues without any prior background information or help from you
    2. Ask questions about your goals and ensure your goals and their healing strategies align to a successful partnership
    3. Communicate in a timely manner (Healers are expect to communicate within 1 business day)
    4. Have the ability to heal energy

3. WeHealNaturally verifies their healing ability with a machine that tests energy, click here to see how

4. Once the three steps above is completed, the healer is in WeHealNaturally’s network as a new healer until they’ve completed healing for their first three clients

5. After the healer’s first 3 clients are completed, the healer is now verified at WeHealNaturally! In your matches you’ll see new healers OR a fully verified healer

How To Find Your Verified Energy Healer

Not sure if energy healing is right for you and or looking for a healer you can trust? We have verified healers and your first appointment is free to find your issues and the right plan to heal, what do you have to lose?