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We’re changing the way people access, receive, and participate in energy healing. Throughout history energy healing has been called many names like Reiki, Biofield, Qigong, Touch Therapy, and many more. Traditionally you have to get lucky and find the right Energy Healer. 

WeHealNaturally takes the luck out of it and guarantees you’ll find the right healer that will accomplish your goals.

Studies show that clients see long term healing in 8 sessions or less – that’s less than 2 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Smart Healer Matching is WeHealNaturally’s process of finding the best healer for you instead of you finding the right healer through trial and error the hard way. Each healers experience, expertise, and background varies. The diverse healers are vetted and verified using WeHealNaturally’s process. Learn more about WeHealNaturally’s verification process here.

After you sign up, we will match you to an available healer that fits your goals, preferences, and the type of issues you are dealing with. We heave different healers that have different approaches and areas of focus, so it’s important to find the right one for you. We have found that we are able to provide a successful match most of the time; however, if you start the process and you feel your healer isn’t a good fit for you, you may elect to be matched to a different healer.

The cost of healing ranges from $50 to $200 per session and it is based on your preferences, location, and healer availability.

In most cases within 48 hours or less.

Everyone’s healing journey is different in terms of how many appointments to being healedOur healers focus on the root cause so we typically see the healing lasting indefinitely or for a long time. In most cases you’ll go through a healing journey with us for 2-3 months. The number of appointments in that 2-3 months will vary.

Please see scientific studies if energy healing works here. WeHealNaturally has a strict verification process for all healers to ensure you get the quality and care you need to heal.

Need more information or have a few questions? 

Talk to a Wellness Coordinator Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM Mountain Standard Time @ 720-772-6282

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Long term, root cause, natural healing is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your friends and loved ones. 

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